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Originally Posted by ylwae View Post

AC promises less to begin with, so (and leaving aside what it actually delivers) I expect an AC experience to be less impressive than what I anticipate with airlines with a better reputation. Iíll say that the irregular BMW service and the signature lounge are nice baby steps. The concierges are generally much appreciated.

On all-Y aircraft, no one acknowledges my status and therefore me. In the J cabin, my status is nearly always acknowledged, though the subsequent attention varies. On the majority of occasions, the interactions become limited to whatever exchanges are needed to perform the meal/drink services.

I havenít seen a pilot interact with passengers in ages, and ground services are unremarkable, except when certain concierges become involved.
I have had the pilot greet me twice this year. In both cases it wasnít just me. First case he was on a misguided mission to sell the merits of the 737Max to very body in J. It didnít work, speaking for myself only. Second occasion Captain just came out to say thanks to SEs in J. Doesnít happen often (I have about 120 segments this year) but it does happen.
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