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Originally Posted by j2simpso View Post
Just thought I'd share a recent experience I had on a SQ flight from DPS to SIN. SQ boards in three groups: those flying in First/Business along with PPS members, *Gold along with PY Customers and finally everyone else. I noticed the Business/PPS line was virtually empty save for 3 people, with one of them sitting a few rows in front of me in Y, which, by process of elimination implies that they were PPS. When I entered the cabin, I noticed how there were several SQ cabin crew looking after him, moving his bags for him just before take off, providing him with a PDB and other things they instinctively knew he needed again without asking.

A couple of months ago, I had several flights on MS and again how they treat elite customers is miles ahead of anything I see elsewhere on *. First and foremost they make you feel special as a *Gold member. How? By providing the whole range of *Gold services from Gold Track Security & Immigration at CAI to lounges both in DOM and INTL terminals. Then there's the *Gold advertising everywhere from the boarding pass sleeve to throughout the airport (big *Gold entryways). Finally, on the flight the captain would come out and personally introduce themselves to the *Gold customers.

I haven't flown enough AC to comment on this but I would be surprised if the top tiers on AC get similar treatment. How many FAs on an AC flight will greet you by name, let alone provide proactive service when flying in Y as a SE? From what I hear, this type of treatment rarely occurs in J! I doubt very few if any! In my mind UA and to a much greater extent AC has a lot to learn from SQ and * partners on the soft stuff like this.

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I'm not sure if your comparison would/could be apples to apples...

Many other airports worldwide offer *G services such as Fast Track security for *G at NRT, and it isn't necessarily airline specific.

LH treats all *G "like" F and all *G get to use LH F services including check-in, IRROPS, etc. (except for things like FRA FCT, but you get the gist)

And I don't see UA doing this type of thing for *Gs... my treatment as *G on UA is rather pedestrian.

If you can compare a NA *A airline to AC, then I'd consider it more apples to apples, IMHO.
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