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Originally Posted by Onetreehill View Post
Just got off from AA flight 82 ( 12/14/2018)from Auckland to LAX!
yes the flight attendants would collect Bose headphones before landing and as everyone waiting for the gate to be opened we noticed a lady site aboutrow 12 window seat still wearing THAT Bose headphones with AA red whit blue logo playing twisting like she is so surprised with the “bonus” in her hand (like you are shopping at a store)
while everyone is standing with carry on at hands , her loud voice just makes people around her gossiping..... my friend said to a male flight attendant “ there’s a lady still have your headphones and bragging “ and he answered without hesitation:
you can buy it on American Airlines website but it’s more expensive! Yes it probably is her own !
my friend said : with the logo?
He said: with the logo , it’s collectible, that’s why it’s more expensive!
he made everyone silent......,
now i am catching another flight while waiting, I can’t seem to find this Bose headphones on AA site!
Is flight attendant lying? Seems he forgot to retrieve it from the lady or just...,, Xmas gift ?
did he make up about American Airline selling Bose headphones?
if it’s “ gift “ , can I get it from AA!
I’m thinking this FA kissed the Blarney Stone and was spouting BS. AA has, AFAIK, NEVER sold headsets online. And AA branded headsets today II are three prong and aren’t likely to work at home. And the gem about collectible... ROTFLMAO.

He was embarrassed at getting caught flat-footed, or he had ulterior motive to “allow” her(collude with her) to disembark with the headset.

In the long run, as Bose exits the market for airline headsets, https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/amer...en-2019-a.html. (Maybe a lot of us will have the opportunity to purchase “collectible” AA logo design used, obsolete three prong deadsets, er, headsets with no possibility of customer support in the near future!)

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