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Originally Posted by HKUSFLYER View Post
I find that kind of response, if from CX, quite stupid. If they do that, then people are just going to move their travel and businesses elsewhere and there really aren't too many things that CX can take pride in, other than their lounges and onboard services.

These upgrades, as I see it, presents the best way they can do to introduce their premium services to potential high paying customers. What they do not realize, is that by denying that experience, they just fail to make those potentials who could/would pay for business class later on in life become loyal customers.

From my observations and testimonies from friends, CX is already slowly but steadily losing customers to another HK based carrier. If they continue their cuts and their fragile ways, it will become HK's budget airline.
When CX introduced lots of cut backs during last few years, people stand out and say: CX WILL loosing customers/ I will leave CX.

So in 2018, what happened? They are still with CX. Few left but more come in so CX plane is still full that they have to give op-up as usual.

Also the question for you is, how long the 'other Hong Kong carrier' can survive as its parent company is bleeding money badly. So far the 'other Hong Kong carrier' still could not do its IPO due to its shady financial situation. Its parent company is said to have sold 20 billions US dollar worth of assets to cover its loss. And it is said that it is in discussion with the big mainland carrier about a sale of its core airline assets.

By all means, leave CX and see if CX will shut down tomorrow. You are a free agent.

Ultimately, CX is doing something nice to people who got op-up. It was a gift. Why criticise the people who give you a gift just because the gift giver did not wrap it with gift paper?

If you feel so strongly about it, next time when you receive an op-up, give it to another person who might need it.
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