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Originally Posted by christep View Post
Well yes, but I suspect that many of the people flying in CX F aren't as experienced with wine as you, and would welcome some guidance. I'm with you that good champagne can pair with many things, but some people (once in a lifetime AS mile burners, noveau riche mainlanders, etc) need help.
Yes, exactly my point, particularly in the F cabin, where you can try several wines before you decide. It's not up to CX to tell (or suggest to) me what to drink with what. People should experiment and find what they like best.

Originally Posted by christep View Post
Also looking at the wine list you commented on, I find it absurd that CX has two wines in F that retail above US$120 (the Krug and the Montrose) and then a bunch of other crap that retails at US$15-20 (and which CX is presumably getting for around US$10). I really don't think that's a good splitting of whatever budget they have. US$10 wines should be in Y, not even J, never mind F.
It may not have been a particularly efficient approach for CX; and I agree that it might have made more sense to spend less on the Montrose and spread the allocated funds around Bordeaux a bit more. That said, I'll happily take the Montrose, thank you.

N.B.: My opinions on this stuff are generally unconventional. I looove the Chateau Talbot (and have since the very first time I tasted it, decades ago), which is only classified as a Quatrièmes Crus.
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