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Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
AF1180 F-GRHO, according to FR24. You were following at just under 2 (statute) miles behind, although I don't know whether that's closer than normal.

I did once watch an entirely predictable go-around from the T4 lounge when a cargo MD-11 seemed rather closer than usual to the 737 ahead of it. It was a perfect day, so the MD-11 crew just carried right on down to (presumably) their decision height (?50 feet), and then off they went around the circuit.
Minimum separation for LHR would be 2.5NM so that was normal.

Decision height is for instrument landing and not separation. As low as you can go without letting the wheels touch the runway is the decision height in your scenario. While remaining 2.5NM from the aircraft in question or 500ft above it of course. Thus the reason we just go around once over the runway.
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