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Originally Posted by Clueless12 View Post
They normally ship fast. I usually have orders within 5 business days. Maybe they’ve gotten slower since they increased shipping costs (sarcasm).
Yes, it usually takes 4 to 8 calendar days from order to receive shipment. The longer time often is caused by local post office than GCM.

To be fair, the shipping cost now is the real cost because the packages I received in the past have had postage of $3.50 to $3.75 for 6 cards shipped in a padded manila envelope yet they charged 0.49. Therefore the shipping cost charged now really is the real cost. Though for 4 cards the shipping shown is only $0.89 - guess it would be shipped by regular size envelope.

The slow is due to the holiday season. I have not received a confirmation email (the one claims your order is received) of the order for over an hour. When I called them the automatic phone gave the message about shipment delays due to busy holiday season. Rep found the order and said it was approved. She offered to send me the email which came while we were on the phone - this is the one for approval. Some 30 min later another Approved email came and I suspect this is generated by the system.
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