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*For the domestic flight: I can imagine that the issue that these flights are sold/marketed as OA fights, thus they are not available through the usual distribution channels. For me, it would be suspicious the fact that the price was much lower than the usual. Full-Y fare is more than 100 euro! If you bought P, then that should be something like 50 euro?

*For the J-international flight: J is indeed an IT-fare (made available for online OTAs). Although I agree with you on this (it is not clear how these fares are available), A3 is within their rights according to the T&C. However, given my latest experience with this J-fare, it was something like 52 euro right? I would consider using an upgrade challenge for this. Given the lowest available bid (that would be 85-90 euro), the overall total makes it quite affordable (given that the coupons also have some "value").
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