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Good the know they are aware of the probems. Now we just need to wait someone actually do something about it ;-)

The food on board I have kinda dual relationship with it. For me the dinner and the service is big part of the travel and I enjoy it very much. On the other hand the food is often "just airplane food" and often unhealthy f. ex. the salt they put too much in it. As frequent flyer I wouldn't mind getting all meals low salt and everyone can add some if they need (cause obviously if added you cannot take it away). Unhealthy food combined with shifting time zones is a nice primer for future heart attacks ;-) Obviously I dont have an optimal solution to all this but happy to notice that Finnair is hopping in to the trend of offering healthier meals and low salt meal has been available for long time and it is not totally horrible. So maybe in future we get 1) more tasty meals and 2) more healthier options.
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