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I did a multi month project in Augustow, north east Poland. Make sure to stop at the ParkPub (located in a basement below a building on the central square) for cheap pizza and the 1 meter high beer (sort of over-sized pitcher). They also serve an excellent shot which looked like the polish flag (white vodka, Tabasco, red vodka). It is not on the menu, but with a bit of explanation, they at some point will understand what you want.
There are two types of shot like that:
Wsciekly pies (rabid dog): Raspberry syrup, tabasco, vodka
Teraz Polska (Now Poland, a name adopted from an award for successful Polish businesses): Red fruit syrup and vodka only to look like the flag, if you don't like tabasco.

They use syrup to prevent the colours from blending when the drink is presented, but you drink it in one go anyway.
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