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I agree with a prior poster who pointed out that higher price doesn't always equal higher quality or greater durability. All luggage can get beat up, but soft side luggage may not show it's scars as quickly. I'm mostly a business traveler, so I've long ago stopped caring what my luggage looks like, my priority is to get the stuff inside to my destination and not deal with broken wheels or pull handles.

My wife on the other hand checks a larger bag when we vacation once or twice a year. She thinks luggage is no good once the luggage itself looks "beat up". So... I give up... And I just got her the Amazon basics big 26" spinner. It cost practically nothing (<$100), and value wise, I think it's the best deal going.

They even sell replacement spinner wheels on Amazon in the event one breaks - and being a check in bag, this will undoubtedly happen sooner or later.

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