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I had what I felt was a well handled seat swap request earlier this week. I was called up to the gate just prior to boarding started and the gate agent said I am trying to reunite a couple and was wondering if you would switch, but all I have is two windows. Before I could say anything, "you don't have to switch. The couple don't know I'm asking you. It's all at your discretion." I agreed to the swap because I can handle a window for a couple of hours instead of an aisle (any longer and I would've had to say no). The gate agent then let me board the plane directly behind him instead of waiting in line. Towards the end of boarding the agent came onboard for something else and stopped at the couple and told them they needed to thank me for swapping so they could have seats together, making sure they knew it was a courtesy from me (not that I needed that part but it means they don't expect it automatically the next time).
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