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Something to consider is the cost of repair/maintenance because bags break. Here's what I mean.

I'm a big fan of Briggs & Riley (B&R). The warranty is great/lifetime and the quality of the bag support the warranty.
However, if you don't live near a B&R repair center or collection point you've got to ship the thing and that gets expensive.
This is probably true of other brands as well and some brands offer much shorter warranties.

However, I happen to live in a town where I can drop-off my bag if a repair is needed (2 or 3 times to repair the zipper pull now at no cost).
If I had to ship this thing to Half Moon Bay, I would still think it's a great bag but not such a great value.

Like you, I always check my luggage and after 20+ years of bouncing around this planet, my small B&R roller is still going strong and I recently acquired the medium duffel; so far so good.

So my point is really - if repair/maintenance costs are low - then I would invest in something for the long term if you expect to travel a lot over the years and not be that bothered by the upfront price - buy the best you can afford.
If not, then look for the best deal of the moment for quality you can live with and replace it when it seems necessary.

I prefer the quality option simply as a matter of insurance. If the bag breaks on the road, I don't want to know what it might cost to repair/replace not only in terms of money but my time/stress.
That said B&R has a good selection of bags and I recommend them but they are pretty expensive.

Ballistic Nylon stands up pretty well but everyone has a different experience/preference.
A great way to review how tough bag materials are is by watching the bags come off a luggage carousel. I see plenty of old looking nylon but so much hard cases.
It's up to you to judge why. It may be that hard cases just always look new or nylon just ages quickly/badly.

I promise I don't work for or benefit from B&R; I'm just a fan.
If you want to check out another B&R fan have a look at Casey Neistat:

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