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Originally Posted by rays View Post
Anyone knows how they gonna serve supper? Because if the supper service also takes like 2.5-3 hours like lunch and dinner then it is really unacceptable to me.

Also quite curious to the menu items on Australia-bound flights. These flights don't have snack item in the old style J menu so im quite afraid they won't be available to choose as a menu item in the new J class service. Leaving only 3 choices of mains on these flights.
Check out how the menu looks HKG-EUR and return and decide for yourself if you like the choices: New Style J Menu
I don't think, it's that bad as suggested. Having the Burger or noodles option as both snack and regular menu item is a nice thing.

I always missed the opportunity to get the Burger and now with this option as mains, I got the test done: Patty nice, bread OK, French Fries no for in the air .....

Of course no guarantees that AUS is served in the same way.
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