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Both your Original and Classic lines in North America (NA) are manufactured at RIMOWA's Canada facility. You will see a mix of inventory between Czech Republic, Germany and Canada in the US market.

Both lines are made of the same aluminum-magnesium body with aesthetic appearance and dimensions between Cabin-variants being the primary difference between the two. Think box-frame versus rounded corners between the Classic and Original. The Original is no more tougher or weaker than the Classic. At the German plant, it was explained that the materials come from the same supplies (verified first-hand), but molds are changed when they shift between the two lines and sizes during the manufacturing process.

The trunk-line will remain in the RIMOWA portfolio. The company has just added a "S" variant to the trunk line, so you will now have a "S", "M", and "L" variant to choose from in the current generation Classic line. These variants are available in the EU market.
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