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I have tried to get my Rimowa serviced for some time now, replacing latches and wheels which used to be done in any store with about 3 days, since the updated productline, as I was told yesterday by a store manager, Rimowa apparently doesnt keep supply of replacement parts coming to flagship stores, hence these take now up to a week to be shipped within Europe, with Rimowa in Germany no longer committing to delivery dates, which according to him used to be the case
One of my 2-years old 29" Topas just went to Rimowa Costa Mesa, California, to repair the wheel housing. It came almost completely detached. I was told that it will take 3 weeks. I think the only parts they need are a few screws/bolts. The housing and the wheel seem to be okay. Not sure why it would need 3 weeks.

While at the store, I asked about the new "original" vs my Topas. The sales person seem to know exactly what I was going to ask. Without prompting she pointed out that the new one is missing the center latch and there is no electronic tag, and the add a bag thing is gone.

I am thinking of adding a 26". Now I am not sure if I should go with the Original (look almost the same was my two 29" topas) or the classic. Is the Original tougher than the Classic? I thought Topas were tougher than Classic but after 2 years.. the housing almost fell off. Or I am thinking about going with the small trunk, but that seems to be not in inventory anywhere here in SoCal. Are they discontinuing it?
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