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Swiss cancelled my flight.. and is refusing to compensate me

I just heard back from Swiss regarding a claim I made and their reply left me furious. I would really appreciate som advice as I am now considering taking the matter to court.
Background: I am UK based and also SEN. A few weeks ago I flew with Swiss on a £4000+ ticket in Business Class (C) from London to Sydney (via ZRH and SIN). I also had booked stopovers in SIN and ZRH on the return flights (24h stopover in ZRH as I had meetings there). Whilst in Singapore, I received an email from Swiss one day before travel informing me that my flight LX177 to Zurich on the 16th November was cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation. I received another email on the day of travel advising me that I have been rebooked onto a direct flight to London (bypassing my ZRH stopover entirely). As is expected I spent a good hour on the phone with the SEN hotline in Germany looking for alternatives. I was finally rebooked onto LH to ZRH via FRA on the 17th (earliest available flight). I checked in online and chose my seat. At the airport I found out that I was automatically rebooked onto LX again (which was surprisingly overbooked when I called) because Lufthansa was full (!). I was also informed my original flight was cancelled because the inbound from ZRH went tech. Fine. I flew to ZRH and then to LON, arriving at both destinations 24h later than originally scheduled. I wrote to Swiss for compensation and finally, 3 weeks later, I hear back. They agreed to refund my hotel but not compensate me for the cancellation. They wrote the following: “As you may know that your flight was cancelled due to a flight safety short coming. Thus, the safety of our guests is the main priority here at SWISS, hence the more reason to cancel your flight. Such irregularity is considered an extraordinary circumstance which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Therefore, you are not entitled to any compensation under the EU regulation”.
What’s ‘flight safety short coming’ even mean?? How is that extraordinary circumstance? I was specifically told the aircraft went tech. There have been few cancellations on ZRH-SIN in Oct and Nov. Irrelevant, I was informed of the cancellation a day prior to travel, spent time and money (hotel and calls) trying to fix their rerouting to get me back to ZRH instead of directly to LON (they messed up), missed 2 meetings (but also have friends there which is why I still wanted to go to ZRH after the meetings fell through) and arrived at my destinations 24h late. How is that not eligible for compensation? Are they taking the piss? Or simply avoiding accountability? Sorry for the rant but I’ve flown with them enough this year to know that when things go wrong with Swiss they go horribly wrong. I had a flight from LCY to ZRH cancelled (arguably due to weather but really because we missed our landing slot in ZRH) while we were onboard the plane and got a certain hand gesture from them. Do you see any reasons why I may not be entitled to compensation? Thanks in advance..
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