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Most only take the Hiram Bingham train one way, either to or from MP. We did it both ways and are thrilled we did, but itís obviously much more expensive than other options. The experience was fabulous, the food was great, and the scenery on the trip up to MP was grand. The dinner on the way back was better, and the HB train is the last to depart MP thereby allowing more time that day at MP. So pick your poison.
When did you take the HB? When we went 10 years ago we were supposed to take the HB both ways. Due to a cancellation we ended up taking what was then called the Vista Dome up to MP and then the HB after an overnight stay at the Sanctuary Lodge. I remember that the food at dinner was terrible and that service was one of the most egregious pseudo-luxury services I have ever encountered. To add insult to injury, Belmond tried to refuse a refund for the difference in train fares until I escalated it to a senior contact at the company. Perhaps things have improved. Despite the required transfer from Cuzco, we enjoyed the Vista Dome much more because it allowed for better viewing of the scenery and no one was trying to put on a show of fake formality for people who had large sums to ride the train.
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