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Geez, from someone in the cybersecurity field and has done breach investigations this is a bit ridiculous. Yes it was under the SPG IT umbrella so it is harder to point blame but it also depends on what the merger dictated within the IT groups, this isn't abnormal to have bad guy lurking for years in a network. I had just heard that they think their decrypt keys (for credit cards etc) may have been leaked and compromised which is a total ... how on earth does that even happen as those are part of the golden keys to any orgs kingdom. I dealt with the last SPG POS breach and moved on but I am just done with the whole Marriot merger and after this year will have shifted everything away.

For anyone that is worried if this exposes your info, I almost guarantee your info is already out there somewhere anyways by now. This I am sure will climb above the 500 million....

Here is also a better article as Krebs specializes in cyber investigative reporting:
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