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Originally Posted by fredwooch View Post
I recently applied for the Arrival +. Previously had the card, then downgraded to the no-fee in 2015 and cancelled it 14 months ago. Received a letter from Barclays saying they needed to verify my stated income (mid-6 figures) and needed to send them an IRS Form 4506T, which allows them to have access to all my tax returns. Credit score is 820+, perfect payment history. When I called to ask why they needed my income tax returns, they said it was to verify my identity. I am very offended by this invasive request and am considering withdrawing my application instead of providing them with access to my tax returns.
Has anybody else received a request like this? The person I spoke to said it was "a new policy" for certain applications but could/would not provide any more information.
They hardly need total access to your tax returns to simply "verify (your) identity", that's nonsense. I know I'd find that request offensive too, if I had an 820 score, and perfect payment history. No way I'd do that just for a lousy Arrival card. Do you need that card that badly?
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