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Originally Posted by naumank View Post

What exactly can a hacker do with one’s passport number?
Exactly. The primary issue of all this is identity theft. If a thief has enough info (SS#, Passport, addresses, etc.) they could attempt to pretend they are you and open credit lines using your info. Then they could run up credit and not pay and the institution may go after you (thinking you're the one who did it). If it happens it's a long drawn out process to prove it wasn't you. With that said, banks (etc.) oftentimes put you through the 5 question security check which the thieves need to get through (and that info is not always avail on the data they stole). In fact, I even sometimes get my 5 questions wrong as they sometimes go back decades. So even with our passport # and ss#, etc. - it's not that easy to imitate someone.

If you're really worried you can join an identity theft service or buy an umbrella policy that covers Identity theft.

I think most people just get upset that their data was stolen and they don't like the feeling of it being out there. But in reality, it's a very small % of people who are ultimately victims of identity theft (but for those who are it's a huge headache). I had a friend who was and it took her over a year of work and some real funds to straighten it out.
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