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My impression is that this change is mainly aimed at depreciating SFC status.

To put things in perspective, I made it to Platinum like 10 years ago. Around that time flying reasonably priced economy tickets between Japan and EU/US would still grant you 70% of the basic segment mileage (and as much premium points) and some of them would even allow you to upgrade to C - and burn the now useless upgrade coupon and mileage (note that I'm based in Japan).

I flew 1-2 times privately to Europe and once every two months to South East Asia or USA for work (in economy, let says 3 times US west coast / 3 times Bangkok for the sake of the example).

So even flying in cheap economy I would get around 1-2*8600 + 3*8000 + 3*5000 so over 50k to qualify for plat. Even if I was missing a few thousand points a R/T to Okinawa during a weekend would usually do the trick to reach 50k. And getting SFC then allowed me to not care much anymore of not reaching Platinum, SFC would be roughly equivalent.

I do not fly as often as before but for private trips I don't see the point of paying for PY considering the small difference with regular Y and I simply can't afford C. My company pays for reasonably priced economy tickets, which still allows me to select ANA over the competition most of the time (and use my SFC perks including PY about 70% of the time) but they would not pay for PY and even less for C.

But now reasonable economy tickets give you only 50% of basic mileage. So even with the same scenario as before, I would get:
2 * 6200 + 3 * 5700 + 3 * 3600 = 40k. Need another 10k for plat, so at least 2 more trans Pac or EU flights. This is just not possible.

At this rate, you basically need 9 RT to Europe/USA. And this is only to qualify for Plat. Just imagine what it would be for Diamond.

So yes I suppose there are people who will fall into that category, but realistically if you reached Platinum, it means you already fly PY or C anyway at least for work, and from now on will use your upgrade points/unusable mileage to eventually get to PY when flying privately.

For poor SFC like me, well, all we can do now is crying...
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