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Originally Posted by Ichinensei View Post
Hi guys. sorry i have more questions.

the wife have decided to just go YYZ to HND and back.

1) do most of you here book two separate tickets online so to avoid the fees you have to pay Aeroplan when calling in or call in and pay fee to have the tickets as one booking (is this even important?) 2 separate aeroplan account
2)how much fees does aeropan charge now per account> is it still $25 per account on phone booking
3) if i do # 1 route, who do i call to add the INFANT> do i call aeroplan or do i call AC? and if i call Aeroplan is there a fee to add infant? (other than taxes)

If I am using 2 separate accounts then what I usually do is book each direction separately but 2 tickets on each. So I would book the outbound as 2 one-way tickets from my wife's account and the return as 2 one-way tickets from my account.
Aeroplan charges $30 for calling in
I believe you need to call Aeroplan if there isn't already an option online to add the infant, shouldn't be an issue. Infants fly free until 2 years old as I am sure you are aware.
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