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Originally Posted by jdk1811 View Post
Four First Class guest upgrades per year
If I were to get mvp gold on december this year, will I get 4 and another 4 in 2019?
As someone else mentioned, you'll only get 4 for qualifying. But based on my experience of qualifying on Dec 31st, your 4 GGUs will probably expire Dec 31st 2020. So you'll effectively have 2 years to use them because they expire at the end of the year following the year they are issued.

As for a Mileage Run - there are so many variables. The most obvious example is to find the best dollar to mile ratio and do it as quickly as possible... but you can also get creative:

Do you just want to do a quick out & back and never leave the airport?
Do you want to pop out of the airport for 3 hours and grab a bite somewhere interesting?
Do you want to spend a half day visiting friends from another city?
Do you want to take a mini-vacation and spend 32 hours in a city you've never been to before?

One mileage run I've thought about trying but just haven't found the need for in terms of miles is: Take the last flight to LAS on a Friday or Saturday night, and the first flight back to SEA the next morning.

Don't get a hotel room, just spend 6 hours on the casino floor drinking & gambling... then come home and get some sleep. However, that might not be everyone's cup of tea

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