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The news article I read, can't remember if it was from the Tribune or WGN, said that all of the buses currently picking up at the Bus/Shuttle Center, including off-airport parking, hotel shuttles, etc., would go to the new facility. I don't know whether they'd also drop off there, or if they'd continue to drop off at the terminals, and I also don't know what they plan to do with the old Bus/Shuttle Center.

The flyer at mentions "luggage concierge service" at the new facility sometime in 2019, does this mean it would be possible to check luggage at the facility in the future?
I can see why they'd want to move as much as possible out of the old T4/Shuttle/Bus Center as people getting to and fro cause traffic tie-ups, not to mention the safety concerns. One more thing to occupy traffic personnel, too.
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