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Mileage Question


First time joining the forum with first post.
I am currently MVP status, but after 2 upcoming trips I will be lacking of 1577 miles to mvp gold.

Below is my questions:
1. I believe mvp status's mileage bonus does not apply toward elite qualified miles, is this correct?
2. When will be the last trip that will count to this year's mileage? (ex: If I book a round trip from 12/28/2018 ~ 1/1/2019, will only the departing flight's mileage count toward this year's status?)
3. I heard there are some elite qualified miles you can buy, is this still possible? If so, how much is the price?
4. If 3 is not possible, or too expensive, I am planning to to go any trip on any weekend in December from Seattle. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance!
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