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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
Meanwhile ... back on the DYKWIA Topic ...

FOCUS, boys and girls! Where are these innumerable DYKWIA individuals? Identify and Report, please!
T8191 - here you go

I recently had the joys of a real DYKWIA travelling on a day flight to an un-named middle eastern country. Sitting in economy in the DEF block towards the front on in seat F, I spotted him coming down the left aisle to his seat in the ABC block in row 30 something, gold tags jingling. He left his partner at the seat and went straight to the stewardess by the door on the HJK side, where the exit row seats were yet to be taken. I witnessed a firm ‘I’m a gold card holder…’ conversation, gesturing at the badges on his bag, and realised he was trying to shotgun the untaken exit seats.

The stewardess firmly told him to go to his seat on the ABC side and wait until boarding was completed. As soon as I heard the boarding completed announcement, I moved to the K seat in the exit row. About a minute later, Mr. DYKWIA came over and told me it was his seat. I sat firm, made it very clear it wasn’t his seat any more than it was mine and held out. He tried again, and I reminded him it wasn’t either of our seats and I got there first. I did helpfully point out that the middle seat was still free (someone else had moved to the H seat…)

He then insisted the stewardess call the cabin manger to sort it out. She came down, all flustered as obviously she had more important things to do, and decided he was too much hassle to deal with and moved him to a spare middle seat in WT+… That made Mr. 26H upset, as he wanted to know why another gold card holder was more important than him. The stewardess witnessing all of this remarked that the man was an absolute piece of works and apologised to us for the whole incident.

The CSM then came over to thank us for being so understanding, apologised also for the DYKWIA being so unpleasant and straight after take off, sent down club amenity kits and water bottles and made sure we were well looked after for the flight.

It does make me wonder what sort of gold card holder he really was (maybe a lapsed one?) if he couldn’t book empty exit seats for himself let alone pay to travel further forward than Y…
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