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Originally Posted by Andriyko View Post
But in such a case you do need AA flights. By booking AA marketed but BA operated flights you'll get both free seat selection (operating carrier driven), and free baggage (marketing carrier driven). All you need is to book AA*BA flights.

To answer you question - no, there is no way to avoid BE on BA because BA offers BE up to H class rather than one specific booking class as AA does.
Originally Posted by tobsw View Post
Yep, that table is out of date, it doesn't apply (it was bizarre from the beginning). There is a new table for luggage though (since june 2018) - where luggage is dependent on marketing AND operating carrier as well.

But anyway, for the OP, just add about 80-100 GBP to the total fare per person, that will book you on the "Standard" fare.

Essentially, luggage wise with/on BA:
-with a BA ticket: no free baggage on any carrier with any status.
-if BA is operating your flight, no free baggage with any status (independent of who is marketing your flight).

Checked baggage status holders Basic TA fares IB/AY/AA/BA.
Thank you both, unfortunately it seems that there is quite some confusion surrounding these unbundled fares! @Andriyko do you have experience (or knowledge of somebody who as) managed this as it seems to contradict the new table provided by @tobsw.

And @tobsw, please note what I said in my previous reply, unfortunately it has been the case (on not just one occasion) whereby adding 100 per ticket or so was not representative of the fare difference when I had tried to book with BA on the phone.
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