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Originally Posted by kenn0223 View Post
I usually check-in an hour or so the flight when traveling domestically. Once you check in you can no longer make changes to the flight on-line (except for whatever SDC options are presented as part of the check in process). I usually travel on refundable fares and make frequent changes. Once you're checked in you have to call which takes substantially longer than on-line. I also do not understand the benefit to the traveler to checking in early especially when it can be done in the app on the way to the airport or while walking to the security line.
I used to think that right up until I tried to check in on the way to the airport and got an error saying there was an issue with my ticket. Apparently a botched upgrade or something. The boarding pass printing kiosks didn't work either. Nearly missed my flight due to having to wait in line for more than 20 minutes at the check-in counter (plus five minutes of an agent fumbling on the keyboard to fix the issue). Got to the gate right at T-7 as they were about to close the boarding doors.

Now I check-in sometime the day before and take a screenshot of the boarding pass. At a minimum that will get me past TSA and any issues can be handled at the gate.
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