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Originally Posted by wxman22 View Post
Blah, Blah, Blah, Yes, BA has the right to do anything they want. Totally agree.

But any common sense has been totally lost by BA and all the defenders.

The OP has an EXPIRED ID Card. So, from one day to the next when the ID card expired, does your existence expire?
WHAT do you think changed?

Totally much ado about NOTHING and just one more reason of the thousands NOT TO EVER FLY B A
You could apply that logic to lots of things; passports, cheques, credit cards, car insurance, MOTs on vehicles etc etc. If it's expired then it's not acceptable.

Also, this is not just BA, it's applicable to all airlines. So maybe it should read 'just another reason not to fly with xxxxx (insert name of hated airline)'.

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