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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post

Because Eurostar has the same immigration liabilities as airlines do.

at Brussels you only get to see an UK immigration officer once youíve had your ticket checked and gone through security. What does the OP then do if they refuse him - heís got a likely unrefundable Eurostar ticket because he didnít have a valid travel document!

Also I canít remember if Eurostar ask to see your passport as part of their check in process before they let you through security. So they may refuse him too
The premise of the OP's post is that he has a right of entry to the UK, but is being denied access to the UK border by BA. I don't believe Eurostar check your passport/ID at check-in, but if they did and had an issue, they could check it with the border officials at the same terminal, who would be the people determining entry in any event. If the OP doesn't have a right of entry (though given he can establish he is an EU citizen, by means of his expired ID, it is difficult to see on what basis), then better hanging out in Paris/Brussels/Budapest than in a UK immigration detention centre!
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