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This is surprisingly simple to sort out. The rules state that you cannot travel without adequate documents, so there is no way that an airline will consider carriage, It makes no difference that you are willing to pay the fine - it's not just the money but the repuational damage too, that they knowingly broke the law on the basis that someone else would pay the fine. The law doesn't work like that.

You need an emergency travel document, which can be obtained from your consulate. If you need a birth certificate for that and it sounds like you do, then the best way is to get your wife to fly it out immediately. If you're willing to pay 3000 as a fine, then a ticket to Budapest is clearly a massive saving. She could have done that first thing today, and you could have applied for the document today.

Someone's else picking your passport up is probably going to be problematic.

One further thing, photocopies/photos of documents are almost always, not considered acceptable. You need the original.
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