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I知 single, but usually invite a friend along if I take a vacation. As the years go, everyone I know seems to be moving away so now I値l often be flying her to the destination separately from me. (If we have a common connection city I値l try to meet up there) Sooooo she would have no knowledge of me being in F and her not (I値l book both flights since I usually plan the vacation and then just invite whoever along), but I always feel guilty so I値l book her in paid F as well.

Thankfully most the time it痴 just up and down the west coast and Delta F is fairly cheap, but this last fall trip it ended up being a trans-con for my friend and I put her into JetBlue Mint... I have to say I was a bit jealous when boarding normal old SEA-SNA Delta F on a E175, lol
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