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Following this story is a bit of "deja vu", and the press AnsettII is getting reads like what Canadian Airlines was receiving in its last six months. Certainly doesn't build confidence among potential ticket buyers.

After Air Canada finally bought CP, the airline continued to operate as a separate carrier for over six months, but bookings dropped off, I suspect because the media had by then convinced Canadians that the airline no longer existed.

One could see few crowds at the CP check-in counters or on flights -- most of us CP elites stuck with it to the very last days of separate flight numbers -- while AC was a zoo with overbooked flights, overcrowded check-in positions, and res lines that were flooded.

Perception of a company in the media is everything, unfortunately.

A decade ago [er, the 80s] when I did a lot of travel in Australia, I even became a member of the Golden Wing Club, and used ANSETT as my carrier of choice. Hope AN pulls through, merges with Virgin, and gets back on its feet.
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