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Originally Posted by John Aldeborgh View Post
I think 🤔 the recognition issue is a conundrum. Some folks enjoy publicly celebrating these kinds of milestones, others are uncomfortable, me for instance. To me time on airplanes is down-time where I can think and recharge, Iíve never liked unstructured social events, Iím an introvert. I honestly donít even enjoy when FAís stop by to simply thank me for my business. Donít get me wrong, I enjoy the privileges of being lifetime GS but I prefer to simply go about my life. The point Iím trying to make is United should consider what percentage of people would actually appreciate being publicly recognized for crossing the various MM thresholds. Maybe when they send out their emails they could ask if the individuals want to be recognized.
I agree, not everyone wants public recognition although I don't agree an email should be sent asking if I want to be recognized. My flights to hit 2MM and 3MM were both out of HNL (I dont even remember 1MM, it was so long ago). I felt they did it right - they clearly knew I frequent the UC, and a bunch of swag was waiting for me at both milestones when I checked into the club (coffee table books, shirts, etc). They were very polite and congratulatory - it had the right feel and no public announcements over a PA or anything. At both milestones I was also recognized on the plane by crew and pilots. I specifically remember for 2MM, they also had stuff for me on the return at LAS UC (with a very nice, Hi! We've been waiting for you!) and at SFO UC. I don't remember if they did that for 3MM on the return flight.
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