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Originally Posted by bhrubin View Post
It wouldn’t surprise me if Lifetime status guests get a slight advantage, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if Lifetime Titanium and Titanium guests are more or less prioritized similarly. There is no real incentive for Marriott to provide a Lifetime guest with any higher priority than a guest who’s earned that same status that particular year. Of course, that likely will never be disclosed publicly, so we likely will never know how the Marriott proprietary algorithm applies that distinction.
Indeed, there's every possibility that the Titanium member will have been a lot more loyal in recent times than the LTTE. I will be perfectly content to contend equally within the Titaniumosphere going forward in the years I don't earn Amb status. And I'll be forever grateful that Marriott finally put a little bit of thought into just how much is in a name. We will all look back and laugh at the day when FD staff were supposed to know or care about the difference "Premier" was supposed to make in our status.
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