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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
If I look at the chart with elite tier names, anyone staying more than 99 nights who spends less that $20,000 with be nothing: Titannum level is 75-99 nights/year.
Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
The levels might become more obvious, but that won't help much if Starriott doesn't have a rule that Ambassadors have priority for quite upgrades over PPs over Plats.
You’re welcome to a literal/originalist interpretation of this leaked information, but I think you’re kidding yourself.

Common sense and vast experience pretty obviously dictates that:

(1) Titanium also will include anyone over 99 nights without the $20K spending and
(2) upgrade priority will be Ambassador>Titanium>Platinum>Gold>Silver.

Of course, upgrade priority for legacy SPG always was:

SPG Plat100>Plat75>Plat50>Plat25>Gold>Silver

for anyone who was paying attention, barring slight deviations/exceptions for frequently returning guests or other special VIP guests. So this wouldn’t be anything new to anyone who is or was paying attention, whether or not Marriott ever publicly discloses a priority order.
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