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Originally Posted by JohnneeO View Post
Another incorrect assumption I am seeing here is that BE passengers have always paid less to be on the plane than non-BE passengers. On a few flights that I have been tracking since the introduction of BE, I have seen fares fluctuate to the point that there have been some days when non-BE fares were offered at less than a previously offered BE fare. While there is no way to know if any tickets were sold at the offered price, it is entirely plausible that it is common for flights to go out with BE passengers who paid more than a non-BE passenger on the same flight.
That is because people buy their tickets at different times and fares fluctuate (as you see for yourself). It should be a safe assumption that BE passengers paid less than non-BE passengers who booked at the same time so it was still the "value" fare at the time of booking. I still don't see why the OP expected United to expand privileges for BE fares rather than try to improve the selling of higher fares which already have the privileges he wanted.
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