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FWIW, my own experience is that OIG is a black hole.

However, I'm interested in looking into this.

If you are willing to help me investigate, and
  1. have filed a complaint, FTCA claim, or the like about the TSA,
  2. with TSA, DHS, DHS OIG, or any other Federal entity; and
  3. are a US citizen (sorry, not my preference — it's a restriction in the law),
  4. are willing to sign my Privacy Act waiver ( letting me get records about you
please email me at [email protected] with
  1. a signed PDF of the Privacy Act waiver linked above, filled out as explained below
  2. a forward of everything you sent (including any email headers), or your best copy
  3. a forward of everything you received from them
The waiver has several fields to complete in yellow. Most should be obvious —e.g. name, DOB, etc. (Again, these are required by law; I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to.) Use these fill-ins for the following:
  • "[relevant federal, state & local agencies]"
    • TSA and DHS
  • "[description of incident, related records, & how to identify - e.g. for video: description of yourself, clothing, baggage, etc; approx. time range and place; etc]."
    • for each complaint, add one separate line listing the
      • subject line of complaint (e.g. from email),
      • date sent,
      • recipient / sending method (e.g. email addresses or website URL), and
      • one-line summary of issue
  • "[agency PA regs - 6 C.F.R. 5.21(d) for DHS]"
    • 6 C.F.R. 5.21(d)
Delete these:
  • ", and analogous [state(s) where incident happened / records exist] law,"
  • " [state(s) FOI law(s)]"
  • "[evidence preservation demand if litigation contemplated by you; I may separately demand preservation if it’s relevant to my own litigation. See for details.]"
I'll wait until I have several in hand so that I can file a single request for all of them at once, rather than doing it piecemeal.


As always, I promise full confidentiality to the extent possible (e.g. I obviously have to tell TSA about the complaint to get info from them, and some information might get disclosed if it's litigated; I'll ask permission first if it's under my control).

TSOs: this offer applies to you, too.

I know a lot of you have filed OIG complaints and gotten blackholed. You might be surprised at how much … stimulus some external prodding can create, resulting in "totally coincidental and voluntary" responses to things that are otherwise buried.

And if you know about something you don't necessarily want to put your name to, I promise confidentiality to sources (aka "on background" per AP guidelines). Get in touch using a method listed as 'secure' @ I don't necessarily need (or want) to even know your name, so long as I can substantiate your credibility as a source.

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