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Originally Posted by swag View Post
My gut says you're right that it'll be a mess and slow for years.

But isn't I-10 to Williams to Veterans to Loyola the way to bypass the flyovers? Now, if Loyola south of the flyovers is blocked, that's another story. Mind-boggling that they consider a single entry point a feature and not a bug.
Have you ever driven the Loyola intersection/interchange at rush hour times? I avoid that area like the plague and haven’t gone near there in years because it is such a “cluster”. People who live out there tell me that it is worse than ever.

There aren’t going to be any flyovers for at least 3-4 years. The route that you describe in your post seemingly makes the most sense, but good luck with it once the new terminal opens. The bottleneck will be huge at Loyola because the people coming from the west will have to use it, everyone driving from the east, including those in their own cars, taxis, Uber, Lyft, limos, etc., in addition to the residents of the area, shoppers going to the Sam’s Club, etc.

One of the consultants that I spoke with admitted that Alternative 1, aka “The best solution”, is flawed! Sheesh!!! They know that access is going to be a big problem before the flyovers are constructed and they know that after the flyovers are finished, that the access plan will be flawed. WTH?!?!

As far as only having one road in and out, we have to remember that it is for “our security” and that Waze will solve our access problem.

edit: someone above mentioned using Bainbridge and that came up yesterday evening. Consultant said Bainbridge might not be available. Whatever that means.
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