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Originally Posted by DSI View Post
If you can swing it, Yellowstone club.
Looking into Yellowstone Club Residences has revived the 'fight' between my fiancÚ and I as to where we want to buy a vacation home ~5 years down the line. Thanks for that, mate.

I want a more mountainous 'cabin' feel home, that we can use in the winter for skiing and in the summer for golf, climbing, and biking.

She wants a tropical vacation home for beach & tanning time year round.

She's had the idea of buying an Amanera Residence or another home in the Dominican Republic since we visited Amanera last year.

I floated the idea of Yellowstone Club to her, to which she complained that we always do what I want and how the Dominican would be better. A Yellowstone Club residence could be more than twice the price of an Amanera Residence, plus a $300k initial fee and almost $40,000 in annual dues. I tried to sell her on how amazing private ski terrain would be and how beautiful the golf course looks, to which she pointed out that Bill and Melinda Gates, Phil Mickelson, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Justin Timberlake, are all members and therefore Yellowstone Club is "way too good for us". She does have a point.

We aren't even married and we're already fighting like an old married couple. Oh boy. For what it's worth, I'd rather be fighting over where to buy a vacation home than any of the hundreds of worse things to fight about.

Sorry about derailing the thread...
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