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Well, I attended the meeting this evening and all I can say is:


My description of of the meeting is dysfunctional and unorganized organization. When you walked into the gym, there was a sign-in table and then 6 other stations. One station had a video, most of the others had large poster boards with renderings of the proposed traffic “improvements” and some had handouts. Manning the stations were representatives of the LADOTD (LA Dept. of Transportation & Development) and my favorite, consulting firms.

There wasn’t a presentation, you were just able to go visit the various stations and ask questions. A little chaotic! The representatives came off as “programmed”, the most common refrain being, “We really want to hear your comments. Please write them down and deposit them at the last station.”

1. The residents who live west of Aberdeen deserve our “thoughts and prayers”.
2. People who work at the airport will have to park at Airline Hwy and take shuttles to the new terminal.
3. Passengers who park at Airline Hwy lots or rent cars will be taking shuttles. The shuttles will have a separate gated entrance to the airport.
4. There were representatives from at least two consulting firms. One firm was responsible for designing the flyover ramps. The other was responsible for the Loyola Dr. “improvements”. They told us that the Airport Board told them, “This is the layout for the new airport and plot plan. Now, we want you to design one way in and one way out because (of that nasty bogeyman) security purposes.”
5. One of the concerns that I repeatedly expressed was, what if there is an accident on the flyover from I-10? The answer was that they are building the flyover with a shoulder so that you’ll be able to drive around the accident. Speaking from personal experience, I said that the current flyover by Williams Blvd. has a shoulder, also. However, from personal experience, if cars get sideways after an accident, you’re not going to be able to around it. Several years ago, I got caught in a traffic jam because of an accident on the existing flyover, had to creep slowly to the Loyola exit, get caught in that nightmare of an intersection with all of the other cars trying to get to the airport and, to make a long story short, missed my flight.
6. I asked the consultants and DOTD reps about their backup plan for alternative routing in that scenario. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Naturally, they don’t have one. As one said, “You’ll miss your flight.” Points for honesty!
Another asked, “Don’t you use Waze?” Like using Waze is going to help me get to the airport if there is only one way in! Minus points for a stupid question.
7. None of the reps fly frequently (I asked) and really don’t have a clue. There were no reps from the airport in attendance.
8. I might be willing to take bets on whether these projects are completed in 4 years. It appears that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.
9. I left in less than an hour, very frustrated, as did most of the people who were there when I arrived. In my written comments, I strongly emphasized the need for more than one point of access and egress.

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