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Originally Posted by sbiddle View Post
How do you should it be highlighted better than it is at present? IMHO it's fairly well presented with a different background colour so it's not just standard text.

I'm curious how people think it should be presented because It's something I'll mention it to a friend there when I catch up with them next.

I just looked at some random flights on NZ, QF, UA and AA and have snippets below. I think both NZ and QF do a very good job showing the mixed flights and making it clear compared to the two examples from AA and UA.

At least bolding "Economy" would be a start. In TK's example, they state "Standard Seat", instead of Economy.

With the QF example, the Economy is beside the button where you will/are more likely to see it when you go to click to the next page and also in the summary on the right hand side.
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