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In the OP's case, the 3:45 leg in J was followed by a 5:20 leg in Y - so the preponderance of the journey was in Y. So I suspect there is tolerance/acceptance/understanding for cases where there is a shorter sector in Y with long haul is J; but less so the other way. Who would knowingly pay a J fare AKL-LHR, and be accepting that only AKL-SYD was in J, and the rest of the trip was in Y.....?

Mixed class fares would by fine, if priced proportionately lower than 'J all the way' - no wonder the OP finds it galling to pay the J->J price but only get J->Y cabins.

Where the balance between cabins is less weighted to the J long haul, then I think pricing should be adjusted downwards. I'd be interested to know what the obstacles might be for this to occur?

Those that 'miss it' probably are not actively frequenting travel forums and/or too shy to offer their bad experience - human nature.
Who would pay that? I have no clue but again, I'm offered it all the time by the airline industry. And again I've been offered worse deals like fly to Australia in J but sit in Y for the USA leg. Usually J is available in those cases for the USA leg, so if you pony up an extra $3-4k, you can also fly J to the USA. But you'll be presented with a cheaper 6k fare which is the mixed booking.

Here is the thing: it's just another option. It's another option to choose from.

Airlines want to present all options. And so for this option: where are they supposed to show it?

Are they supposed to show these fares to people that are searching for economy flights? That makes no sense. People searching for economy seats are much more price sensitive and it's almost insulting to present a business class fare to them that they can't afford but wish they could.

So where do you show this option? You show it to the people searching for business fares. You show them the option of the mixed classes. Should Air NZ not present mixed class tickets at all? What about the people that would rather have at least 1 leg in J?
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