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Originally Posted by Thai-Kiwi View Post
In the OP's case, the 3:45 leg in J was followed by a 5:20 leg in Y - so the preponderance of the journey was in Y. So I suspect there is tolerance/acceptance/understanding for cases where there is a shorter sector in Y, but the long haul is J.

Mixed class fares would by fine, if priced accordingly lower than 'J all the way' - no wonder the OP finds it galling to pay the J->J price but only get J->Y cabins.

Where the balance between cabins is less weighted to the J long haul, then I think pricing should be adjusted downwards. I'd be interested to know what the obstacles might be for this to occur?
Well the price for the QF sector depends on what QF charges NZ. If QF doesn't drop the price much there isn't room for NZ to drop the price.
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