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Originally Posted by jdrtravel View Post
Shouldn't there be some indication of the waitlist? It's been a while since I waitlisted, but I recall there would be two versions of the same reservation. And I also thought that more recently the upgrade status in the reservation said something about waitlisted.
Hereís my recent experience on upgrade waitlists:

I am currently waitlisted on two reservations, a domestic trip, using RUCs, and an international one, using SM upgrade awards to upgrade from PS to D1. One RUC has already cleared on the return domestic flight.

There are two seat maps for each waitlisted flight, but the information differs on the reservation pages. I donít know if that difference is due to domestic vs international or RUC vs mileage upgrade award. The domestic reservation gives the fare as SU on the waitlisted flight and RY on the upgraded one; the booked fares were V and T. The international reservation shows the original G fare for PE on both waitlisted flights. There is nothing that says Upgrade Requested on the international flights but there is on the domestic one, which could refer to the medallion upgrade as well.

Thatís what Iím seeing for upgrade waitlist indications. I am assuming that the duplicate seat maps mean all is in order, but Iíll call to check occasionally.

I am not optimistic about the international mileage upgrades, which are on MSP-HND-MSP.
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