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Yep, as YVR Cockroach similarly mentioned, the area around the HI by Cambie and Shell is definitely a deadspot for a tourist IMO. I used to play softball at a nearby park.

The weather is really hit or miss in Nov and Dec. It can be sunny, clear and chilly or rainy, and miserable.
Arriving at noon, skytrain is likely an option to get downtown and back (although not too late) but you'd likely need/want to bus it to and from the Aberdeen skytrain station from the hotel. It's not a horrible walk but it's not very interesting until you get about a block or two from the station where there's more retail activity.
The problem with renting a car, especially going to downtown is that you'll likely have to pay for parking, even in Stanley Park. There are a few free spots though on Saturday like eastbound along Georgia btw Nicola and Thurlow. If you end up just looking for a parkade, the orange EasyPark lots are good options but their rates do vary depending on the area/lot you choose and there are might be better options pending where you want to be and how much walking you want to do. IF the weather is nice, after you park the car, walking to various areas in the downtown core (including Stanley Park) is fairly reasonable. Comparatively, you're likely looking at a $35-40 ride each way using a taxi.

Normally a lot of the food carts close up shop for the winter but I'm seeing a lot staying open and/or attend special events. You're not going to see as many in downtown on a Saturday but there will still be a few along Granville street and on Robson by the art gallery. If you have a car, you might be able to make the Farmers Market at Nat Bailey stadium which is open to about 2pm and has a few carts. Chinatown is a shadow of its former self as Chinese retail as decentralized. However, there's a lot of interesting food options (not necessarily Chinese) that have opened up in Chinatown likely due to cheaper rent but still being close to downtown.
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