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Originally Posted by Quark999 View Post
That sounds a bit like the satellite backhaul is not ready at all, doesn't it. I've always wondered how Wifi would be affected if there is no ground coverage available, and the North Sea is probably the key area where that is the case in Europe. Surely performance and latency would suddenly go through the roof if it has to fall back to satellite there? Will also be interesting to see whether that will affect some simple cross-channel crossings...

That's also why comparison to US in-flight Wifi with Gogo isn't very appropriate, because the US doesn't really have these huge open bodies of water that planes have to fly over...
I may have mentioned before that I have some responsibility for our in house general aviation, and I can tell you from bitter and incredibly expensive experience that satellite capability on aircraft is being massively oversold by the providers. The capability doesn't meet the hype and its frankly painful to use with very patchy and inconsistent service.
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