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Originally Posted by 2manyredeyes View Post
Word of warning to others - I did 3 of these runs earlier in the year from a Dec 2017 Sale identical to this and it is an absolute pain to get these to credit to Delta. Took 2 + Weeks to post after countless emails back and fourth sending receipts, confirms, boarding pass scans etc.

I also did three of these (Jan, Feb, and Apr) from that Dec 2017 sale. 2 of the 3 credited pretty quickly and correctly, the third one was a pain, I think because I was due 200% MQM (purchased before the shift to 150% MQM for flights in C,D, I) but I flew after the shift occurred on 1Apr. That required a fair amount of coordination, including sending boarding passes. I have yet to understand why an airline requires a piece of paper as verification when their computer should already have the information, but I digress.

I have another trip coming up in a couple of weeks, will try to report out how the crediting goes.

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