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Originally Posted by Klemhuzzah View Post
I think you're going to have to get another gift card with at least $411 on it, plus whatever fees and taxes are applicable.

You could make it work if you have a second person use your multiple $200 to send the money to you, and you just let it accumulate in your PP balance. But then you'd have to pap PP fees for transferring money. If you've already linked the cards to your acct, then don't do this as I suspect it would raise red flags.

As far as I know, PP no longer lets you load money straight into your aact and no longer sells PP gift cards.

The amex offer has a fee free card, but still has a shipping fee.

Good luck!
Yes just saw that shipping fee.... I also found an offer of $10 off when spending $200 so I can potentially combine with that... Last question will be if I can use multiple visa gc for purchase of amex gc
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